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Excessive Sleep: killer of destiny- Simple ways of combating it.

Updated on March 24, 2010

Once you become used to oversleeping, your destiny is threatened. If you are oversleeping, you can never succeed academically, financially or other wise. Excessive sleep is indeed one of the most deadly killers of destiny among youths today and needs to be combated. What you need to combat excessive sleep are:

PASSION: This is the inner drive or force that pushes a person to do a particular task without complaining. Every great man that has affected this work has this vital force working in the inside of him. Have you noticed that you hardly struggle with sleep a week to an important exam? Your whole system becomes wide awake ready to read at all cost. Your ability to transfer this feeling into your daily life, exam or no exam is an important step to combating excessive sleep.

2 SETTING A GOAL FOR THE DAY: Once you fail to plan a day, you have automatically planned to fail that day. When you plan your day with a written down plan and are bent on achieving everything written out, your deliverance out of excessive sleep has started.

3 COMPETITIVE SPIRIT: this is when your mind is geared towards excelling high above others. For instance, if your desire is to be the best in your field, you will be awake when others are sleeping and put in more hours than others.

4 EXCELLENT SPIRIT: You should have an extremely good and understanding spirit. The moment you apart defiling yourself, your spirit and your mind with immoral thoughts, malice to anger and especially sexual immorality, you will always be weak because these thoughts exhaust a person. And consequently, you begin to seek solace on your bed to sleep.

5 PHYSICAL METHODS: Below are some physical methods of combating excessive sleep when one is about serious business.

I. Chewing gum.

II. Changing the subject course of study to a more interesting one.

III. Putting you two Standing up and strolling ground.

IV. Browsing through a novel or magazine.

v . Putting your feet into cold water.

vi. Regulating the kind and quantity of food you eat before studies.

vii. Taking notes while reading.


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