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Easy Science Experiments for Kids

Updated on February 7, 2015

Kids love to do science experiments.  It is an awesome way for them to learn important concepts in a fun and memorable way.  They can learn about their world while seeing cool experiments that seem more like magic tricks than science principles. 

These are links to easy hands-on science experiments for kids that won't be overly intimidating for adults.  Most use materials you probably already have at home.  So get out the lab gear and get ready to experience science in an awesome way.

Ice and Snow Experiments and Activities

Ice is a cool topic for kids to explore on hot summer days or during the cold winter months.  You can teach your kids about the properties of ice, make cool ice projects, and even eat snow with the ideas below.

Dry Ice Experiments and Activities

Dry ice is a fascinating substance.  You can use to liven up parties, create spooky effects, or even make drinks.  Playing with dry ice can make a fun and easy science experiment as long as a few safety procedure are followed.  Explore the links below to find out all you wanted to know about dry ice.

Light and Dark Experiments

Want to shed some light on the dark? Teach your kids about shadows and create some strange glowing effects with these experiments for the dark.

Hands on Fire

Mad Science Experiments and Activities

Kids love mad science and kooky mad scientists.  Let them go mad with these easy experiments that look amazing.  Get things fizzling and erupting and you'll put a smile on your kids' faces while teaching them science.

Egg Experiments

Most kitchens have eggs sitting in the fridge right now. Grab a few of them and try out these simple egg experiments that have really neat effects.

Sensory Experiments and Activities

Humans learn about the world be exploring it with our senses. Enrich your child's senses with sensory activities. Your child will explore the world and learn about how the body works with these fun ideas.

It's Slime!

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See What Fun Science Can Be?


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