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Who Is Driving The Economy?

Updated on June 2, 2010

"I have... had a disturbing dream in which I break through a cave wall near Nag Hammadi and discover urns full of ancient Coptic scrolls. As I unfurl the first scroll, a subscription card to some Gnostic exercise magazine flutters out."
Colin McEnroe.

Grow Your Own Economy Economically

I’m going to state right up front that I am not an expert inthe field of economics nor, am I a “How To Get Wealthy In X Many Daysguru.  What I am is a woman who hasraised a family and who has had a hand in the founding and operating of threesmall companies.  I am a woman that has beena good daughter, a loving sister and a loyal friend.  I have sold products and services and I havepurchased products and services therefore I have both supplied and demanded.

Although pyramid schemes are supposedly not legal in mostplaces about our island, Earth it seems to me, I’m just saying, that our entireexistence is based on one big Pyramid scheme.  The illusion in this scheme is that all the power is at the top so agreat deal of time, effort, and knowledge is applied to scaling thissucker.  But when I look at it, reallyexamine it, I have come to think that all the power, and I do mean ALL OF THEPOWER is actually contained in the bottom of the pyramid. 

Growing up as I did during the 50’s and 60’s in a small townin Northern British Columbia four hundred and eight-six miles north of anythingthat could be described as a city we did not have access to a lot of stuff butour family had all the basics required for the operation and maintenance ofphysical existence and then some.  We didnot have television until I was thirteen and not because we couldn’t afford onebut because there was no television station to broadcast.  We had one local radio station.  Basically the only advertising I was exposedcame to me by way of Spring, Fall, Winter and Christmas catalogues thatappeared on our doorstep at the appropriate time of year.  By the time the next catalogue came along thelast one was tattered and dog eared. 

We consume based on two things – our needs and ourwants.  Needs being food, clothing andshelter and wants being all the rest of it. What those catalogues created in me, as a child, were wants.  An example is the pictures of mothers anddaughters wearing the same outfits, matching dresses, matching pajamas,matching housecoats.  I ached to have anoutfit just like my mother’s, truly ached. When I presented this want to my mother she was appalled – she thoughtit was a dreadful idea.  I thought it waswonderful and I ached with it all the way to my teens when I hit that stage inlife where my mother knew squat and she was the last person on earth I wantedto bear any likeness to let alone dress the same. 

My true wants in life at that time were quite different fromthe artificial wants created in my by the outside influence of thecatalogue.  I wanted to learn to read, Iwanted to learn to write, I wanted to be able to count and I wanted to havefriends.  I wanted to be happy, I wantedto play outside, I wanted to love and be loved, I wanted to laugh and I wantedto make others laugh.  As life went onmore and more artificial, created by others wants influenced my choices inlife.  Some of these wants were createdby nameless, faceless others and some were created by people who were alsounder the influence of these same nameless and faceless entities.  My “created as” self moved through lifeadding lists of wants as I went.  Toooften these artificial wants left me with the same kind of ache - sometimesdull, sometimes sharp ache – that I experienced when I pulled the “I want todress like my mother” want out of a dog eared catalogue.  My life got very busy attending to these artificialwants and about half way through it I found that regardless of what I had, theache only got bigger and more demanding.

I began looking, seriously looking for the reason that I hadgrowing in my solar plexus, an ever increasing vacuum that refused to befilled.  I had a beautiful home, twochildren, two dogs, two cars, two televisions, two stereos, two sets offurniture; kitchen and dining room, living room and family room.  It was a veritable Noah’s Ark.  I was faithfully feeding the top of thepyramid on a daily basis like any good citizen. Asking myself questions like, “What on God’s green earth is the matterwith me?” and “Where did I go wrong?” did nothing to ease the situation.  All such questions provided me with was anentire inventory of wrong answers.  Ifelt increasingly powerless.  Mydefinition of me was contained to wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend all ofwhich ended in apostrophe s, denoting that I identified myself by who Ibelonged to.   I had little sense of selflet alone what my true wants for life and the living of it were.  All this happened because I set off to scalesome pyramid and it wasn’t even my own pyramid – it was a pyramid totallycreated by others and I had allowed myself to be totally created byothers.  When I recognized that fact Iwas pretty ticked off!

The first rule in life, I discovered is you have to arrive –be there – where ever that is right here, right now.  Then you have to look at the position you areholding.  Is it a position you need tohold, want to hold or is it a position that was created for you by others?  So here’s where the power is at the bottomcomes into play in the grand economic scheme of things.  The people at the bottom of the pyramid startasking each other “Who are you?” and keep asking it until the YOU is no longerburied under a pile of identities and labels. Then the unburied You(s) can ask themselves and each other “Where areyou?” and keep asking until the answer is more optimum that I’m at the bottomof someone else’s bloody pyramid – Here would be the ideal answer.  Find out what you and others true wantsare.  Ask, what part of achieving thosewants are you willing to be responsible for? What part of achieving those wants are you not willing to be responsiblefor?  And keep asking those questionsuntil you get right down to the basics of that which you truly have controlover and then let the rest go.

The pyramid is only as strong as the base upon which itsits.  If we individually andcollectively wake up and start operating in life as ourselves and start workingtogether with others who are operating as themselves combined with identifyingour own and others authentic  wants wecan literally move mountains and create lives that are worth living.  We can drive our own buses instead of goingalong for the ride.  We can invest ourtime, money and energy into people who and things that really matter to usrather than investing it in some artificial want created by some faceless,nameless entity.  If we shake up thebottom the top has to change. 

I recall reading that a fellow by the name of Jesus isreported to have said some two thousand plus years ago, “I am the way”.  Well I am and you are and I get to and youget to choose the way!  It seems to methat this would be the most economical way to handle economics!  It also seems to me that the words, “many arecalled but few are chosen” could be taken to mean that we have all heard,regardless of religion, the words “I am the way” but too few of us have chosento heed them.  I’m just saying.


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    • Enlydia Listener profile image

      Enlydia Listener 

      8 years ago from trailer in the country

      I like your is like hearing myself talk...blessings I rated this up


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