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Could Ending Inflation Bring An End to Economic Poverty?

Updated on January 15, 2012

Most People Don't Want Help

It's true. I mean, take a step back and ask yourself:

"Would I prefer to have the opportunity to afford my own resources, or would I prefer to be given those resources as charity?"

You'll be one of the minority if you really just want to be given everything. There is just a certain fulfillment in earning your own way and getting your resources for yourself. And because of that fulfillment, it is most American's desire to get out from under the crushing weight of poverty, not through Welfare and government involvement, but through their own hard work and efforts.

The Problem

So if most people would prefer to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps, why is it that so many people are on welfare, or advocating for more social services to provide for the welfare of the poor?

It's simple really. Because we have allowed our culture and society to be controlled by elitists and power hungry people, we've allowed the idea of money and commerce to get out of hand. Our real down fall, was when inflation was created. Inflation (with some pun intended) is what fills up the bubble that so often bursts and leaves people out in the cold. If there were no inflation, everything you've ever known, would cost about 90% less than it does right now. .25 cent movies, 5 cent gallons of milk. It would all go back to meager amounts of paper money value.

And truthfully, the value we give something according to inflation really means nothing. It's just a made up value, designed to make the rich get richer and to grow the number of those in poverty. For you see, the rich cannot exist without the poor.

An End to Inflation

Now, I am not saying capitalism is bad, or even that using paper money is bad. What I am suggesting though, is that it is useless, unfair and wrong to create fake values for necessary resources, simply for the fun of it.

It's one thing to add some to the price of an item, for the value of your service of finding it and making that item conveniently available. It's a whole other thing to raise the initial price of that item, not because you added value to it through your services, but just because you want to make more.

Inflation is essentially the appreciation of products and services over the passage of time. Not because those items become more valuable, but just because that's how they want inflation to work. The higher the price of an item or service, the more money the person at the top makes, not because they've changed anything or added more usefulness, just because inflation went up.


The idea of capitalism, was to give everyone an equal playing field to start out with. In a truly free market, everyone starts out with the same basic human abilities, and has the opportunity to develop themselves personally and use their skills, experience and knowledge to create wealth - which provides for their resources.

If we had a truly capitalistic system, with a real free market, inflation would either be illegal or so frowned upon that hardly anyone would attempt to use it. The great part about not having that inflation, is that it would make goods and services available at a literal price, and it would end the whole "rich" thing. Sure there would still be people who've managed to accumulate more than others, and they would essentially be "wealthier" economically, but they would have actually earned it.

The rich will tell you "the poor can't exist with the rich", but I say it's the other way around, the rich cannot exist without the poor, nor can they exist without the tool that creates poverty the most - inflation.

I have a theory that if we did away with inflation, or at least most of it, that the difference between "rich" and "poor" would merely be a few dollars, bring balance to our society in abundant ways.

What do you think? I'm not an "economic guru", is there anything I'm missing here, or do you see my point? Do you think it would work?

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    • Eanatas profile image

      Eanatas 6 years ago from Ohio

      Opened your eyes and did your homework. Do we ever see the whole picture? You have a view and a conscience. you have asked a very large question as well. Don't stop.

      Up and interesting