Retaliation Used As A Weapon By The Public School System

  1. Sundaymoments profile image77
    Sundaymomentsposted 5 years ago

    My family and I have suffered a horrific ordeal of school retaliation in such a severe way that my wife and I have worried that our 11 year old child has suffered emotionally.

    We also worry about the future of our child�s education. Now the school district in the last two years has filled a false child protective case 5 days after they found out that we filled a Office of Civil Rights complaint (This school district did this action last year).

    This year my child was trampled by other children who were running behind her as they were trying to avoid being tardy. In the process of her falling she had hurt her wrist.

    The teacher came in the room while my child was still on the floor (In-which she was laughing due to the fact the other children were laughing and did not want to have the children picking on her later). He then yelled at her stating if you want to roll on the floor then take it out in the hall way and roll on the floor all you want. My child then got up and told the teacher she needed to go to the nurse she thought she had broken her arm. He again yelled at her telling her to go and sit down.

    After the class was just about over a Para-Teacher that was in the room saw my child�s arm and how swelled it had gotten and decided he was going to escort her to the nurse.

    When I found out about this and after I took my child to the Doctor and found out the arm and wrist was severely sprung and bruised I was to say the least mad.

    That evening I emailed the principal I asking her to set up an appointment the following day with the teacher as well as her. We had our meeting in which everything went fine (I never raised my voice and even told the teacher I forgave him).

    However a few days later when the school decided they were going to leave my child in the classroom with the teacher I asked to put in place safety features to keep my child safe from the teacher responding as he had previously done.

    What I received next was a knock on my door and two school police officers handing me a criminal trespass warning (C.T.W) and them stating to me they were not going to disclose what I did wrong to be served the C.T.W however I could get an attorney.

    Now what I need some help and advice on is first of all has this ever happened to any of you and what steps did you take to resolve the matter and can anyone give me good sound advice that would assist us in finding out if school districts can just issue C.T.W�s without just cause.

    What we were told by the Office of Civil rights (Which is the federal enforcement office that takes care of educational violations) that public schools are the only institutions that are required to follow a due process before they take a drastic step of issuing a C.T.W. Now they stated this to me but never offered law or supporting documentation to assist me in fighting it. Can anyone offer advice or a website that gives this information to me?

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    2uesdayposted 5 years ago

    I cannot help you but it might be worth considering sending the child to another school.