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    Societes whether through close associations whether familial, friendly, and/or associative or through other functional groups such as school and/or work have ingroups and outgroups.  Such groups can oftentimes be arbitrary in nature and has its own rules.  Oftentimes, people are OUTED for many reasons.   

    Were you ever OUTED i.e. excluded from a particular ingroup, fell from grace regarding a work group and considered a persona non grata, lost a friend and/or associate for any reason or seen as a person with a dark mark?    Belonging can be such an ARDUOUS and DAUNTING task.......let's DISCUSS.

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      Sure, high school. I moved to a new town before the start of my freshman year. Quickly I found that flapping your wings in any way instantly gave you everyone the idea that you didn't belong. I felt that I had interests that differed from the norm, but was unwilling to act upon any of them because of the people who surrounded me. Acting, music, and art were always interests that I pursued in private. It wasn't until after high school that I saw the value of being who I am. The people who make up the in group push away their personal beliefs to fill a hole that is determined by the others in the group. Say I wanted to fit into the 'cool' gang, I'd have to get good grades but appear that I didn't have to try, all while making fun of those who pursued other interests that I may or may not believe in. Regardless, I'd have to keep my true feelings behind a mask of coolness and indifference that would make me what others wanted me to be. Fit into yourself. Trying to fit into a niche that someone else delegates is a huge waste of time that preoccupies and holds back countless young people.