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    THarman7posted 3 years ago

    Building healthy relationships is always the base line within our schools. Positive interaction skills that are  demostrated, and taught help our children to identify their feelings and empowers them. Every parent out there wants to raise their children to have respect, and dignity. The only way that this is going to become a reality for every child is for us as teachers, and parents to provide a solid foundation for healthy relationships. The biggest mistake we make is to attempt to contol the behavior of our children instead of teaching, and empowering them to feel all their feelings. Emotions are not a sign of weakness, and trying to control or repress them or even destory them is abusive behavior. We want to support our children, and not just their behavior.  As proffesionals working within our schools, and for the parents, we have the principles to provide a solid foundation for relationships that are healthy using the least restrictive method to support them. Healthy relationships are built when human basic needs are meet, and the child feels secure, and safe. The most effective way to help our children become better, and more positive is for parents to use the skills taught to our teachers.  These include channeling feelings into activitys, reflective listening, using accurate words and inviting cooperation.  Developing a team approach within our schools also require a team approach with our parents as well. Teams have a much greater chance at success when relationships are formed between everyone involved.

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      Hi THarman,
      I really liked your post. It spoke to me. In my family we were not really allowed to show emotion. I mean we could, but it was a sign of weakness. Apparently my mother would admit to crying at parades and my father (though tough as nails) would tear up at many a sentimental thing... but I learned early to shove it all down or I was mocked. I believe you're right that it's unhealthy. Our emotions are a gift from God and (not allowing them rule us), they can actually be quite useful.

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    THarman7posted 3 years ago

    This is new not sure what happened sed-med but thanks for reading hope it was something for you too think about!