Magnetism.......Charisma.......The "IT" Factor

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    gmwilliamsposted 20 months ago
    People who become winners, even stars exude THAT quality even in their childhoods.  Such children seem extraordinary from the start.  They stand out from others.  They are the FIRST to be noticed by others.   Vanessa Williams' mother, Helen, indicated that when Vanessa was on stage as a child, eyes were drawn to her.  Ms. Williams further exuded STAR quality in the Miss America contest, beating out other more experienced competitors.  George Clooney & Charlize Theron also exude STAR quality.  What physical & psychological components can be classified as STAR quality?  Do YOU believe that a person either possess STAR quality or they.....SIMPLY DON'T?

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      Cindy Kay Shunposted 15 months agoin reply to this

      WOW my mind blone