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What kinda books I start reading to know Cosmos more?

  1. Dishant Varshney profile image79
    Dishant Varshneyposted 3 months ago

    We've discovered more in the past century than in the whole history of mankind. So, would you suggest me some good books on Cosmos?

  2. colorfulone profile image84
    colorfuloneposted 3 months ago

    I was introduced to David Wilcock recently and have been slowly reading some of his free online books on Divine Cosmos.   Interesting reading so far.  Not that I agree with him or disagree, but I like getting a different perspective.  I feel as though he has helped expand my thinking in a way that does make sense.

    Wilcock caught my attention when he spoke of having sources with “cosmic security clearance".  He said matter-of-factly that President Trump will not have cosmic clearance until he has been president for 2 1/2 years.  I do not know if that is true or not.  However, Wilcock is not be the only one with sources with cosmic clearance.

    Let me know if his work is something that you are interested in. Reading his work does take some time to digest on my part, mostly because I do process it through my own belief system.  I take what I can from his work and leave the rest on a shelf.

  3. Live to Learn profile image81
    Live to Learnposted 3 months ago

    Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. smile

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      wildernessposted 3 months agoin reply to this


    2. colorfulone profile image84
      colorfuloneposted 3 months agoin reply to this

      "Laughter is good like a medicine."  I looked up some quotes yesterday and laughed.  Gosh!  smile