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Do rap and hip-hop artist have a responsibility to stop using the n-word?

  1. habueld profile image86
    habueldposted 8 years ago

    Do rap and hip-hop artist have a responsibility to stop using the n-word?

    Is the use of the n-word becoming more causal?  Is hip-hop responsible for young non-African Americans using the N-word?

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    S Wilsonposted 8 years ago

    Rap and Hip-hop artists definately have a responsibility to stop using The Word. As the main role model in not only the black community but White, Hispanic, and Asian communities it is their responsibility to set the example for todays youth. Youth today are emersed in every aspect of not only hip-hop but the music industry in general.

    The word has been casual for too long. People, regardless of race, speak it in everyday conversations and as greetings and have taken it further than  the context it has been previously used in.  Both hip-hop and blacks are responsible for non-African American use of the word.

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    F. Kenneth Taylorposted 8 years ago

    No, rappers and hip hop artists don't have a responsiblity to stop using the "n" word, but they do need to wake up and realize the effect and influence they have on our youth and be more responsible for the way they present themselves.

    I get so angry over this because people always blame rappers for using the "n" word, like they invented it or something - What about Hollywood? Tell them to stop using it!  And that includes the Black film makers who think they have a "pass"!  Tell them to stop using it too!  Don't just target rappers, they're not the only ones at fault!  Tell Black parents to stop it!  We can't have a prejudice and bias stance on this; its universal; there's no one "group" at fault - We all are!

    What really makes me mad is that everyone's so quick to accept all these societal labels like "Negro" (which is just as bad), "African-American" or "Urban" and "Inner-City Youth" (what the hell is that!?), and believe it or not some people still say "Colored People" or "People of Color"; those are the worst!  Call us what we are. . .Blacks!  Why are we so quick & eager to accept being labeled like leftovers in the fridge?  Why aren't we complaining about that?  We call the Chinese, Chinese, and not Chinese-American.  We call Whites, White, not White-Americans, etc...  So why do Blacks have all these "sub-titles" & "labels"?  Again, I say NO, rappers don't have a responsiblity to stop using the "n" word. . .America does!

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    i am cazzaposted 8 years ago

    yes, its considered racist for a white person to use it, in england you can go to jail for it! (i know someone that got 3 years) but if your black and you use it thats ok, double standards i think! if its offensive from a white person to use it,  it should be offensive all round. just my opinion
    im told the origin of the word comes from the german word for black, they were not being offensive they were just using thier own language, which seems to have been adopted by others as a derogatory term.

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    T J Regisfordposted 3 years ago

    Confederate southern states of America are responsible for the word so it is the problem of those forefathers. People can say what they want in a democracy, just know that your own words can commend and/or condemn you.
    The word is more casual now. What gets me is that it is a tool now. Its marketable. Why is it ok the say "N-word"? Its just nigger in disguise.
    "Rap" is responsible because it made the word trendy, but then most rappers don't care who use the word as long as they're getting rich.