My 2nd extension ended(week ending of 11-07-09). Got my last check on 11-12-09.

  1. hollistersunset profile image50
    hollistersunsetposted 8 years ago

    My 2nd extension ended(week ending of 11-07-09). Got my last check on 11-12-09.

    Anyway, it says that I may qualify for the 3rd extension and If so the EDD will automatically file it for me. A few days later I received a the letter saying "Notice of Determination for FED-ED EXTENSION, and that the effective date of claim is 11/08/2009. A week later I called EDD because I haven't received the appropriate claim forms for the 3rd extension or FED-ED. And they told me that since this new bill that Obama signed last Nov 6 had been approved that my FED-ED exhausted? WTF!?

  2. kickinit profile image80
    kickinitposted 8 years ago

    hey, is that what they told you on the phone or through a letter? When I ran out of my 2nd extension, I also had some problems getting the 3rd setup, but I did end up receiving it after some time. What I had to to do was call them a bunch of times to reach someone who could actually help me. I was told to re-file online for a new unemployment claim and once the system recognized that I had been out of work, that I would be eligible for the third claim. My 3rd extension was not "automatically filed" like I was told it would. After I filed for a new claim, which I was denied since I had not been working... the system then recognized I should be setup for the 3rd extension.. I then received my claim forms.

    if i were you I would call them again and try to see whats up.. you can also email them through their website and ask a question (i tried that once and it worked too). i know that their policies change and that the old method i used may not work..

    hope it works out for you..