Personal Time Management - what are your greatest challenges? Why?

  1. Lorraine Arams profile image61
    Lorraine Aramsposted 8 years ago

    Personal Time Management - what are your greatest challenges?  Why?

    What time management challenges do you face in your personal life.  Why?  What would need to happen for you to feel in control of your time?

  2. Olojo Oluwasegun profile image66
    Olojo Oluwasegunposted 7 years ago

    Well, P.T.M is very important for the achievement of specific set objectives. The challenges i personally face sometimes is the poor will of determination and lack of sufficient discipline... but i have been able to put in more individual effort to overcome this challenges... With improved tenacity and understanding of the task ahead, a consciousness to overcome whatever distraction that might want to affect my concentration is building in me, Distractions like SLEEP, MOVIE, amongst other relevant. My discipline is building also as a result of my understanding that there is no other way to achieve my objective than to carry the necessary steps at the very right time without playing host to Procrastination. Tanks