Hi Jean just reading some of your great stories. My question is I live in Flori

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    Ruddy2posted 8 years ago

    Hi Jean just reading some of your great stories.  My question is I live in Florida and I have...

    two male cats that use to live indoors and I have moved them outdoors because they will not stop spraying and they are both neutered.  I bought them a shed and a dog kennel attached, they can go back and forth via a cat door.  One is 8 years old the other is 2 years old.  It has been cold here this winter and my oldest one seems to want to stay outside rather than go in the shed which I have blankets, cat cubes etc.  I guess I am wondering if they know to go inside for warmth rather than stay outside in the cold.  I am worried that they will get sick especially my older one.  Will they be OK.

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    Jean Nashposted 8 years ago

    Hi Ruddy2,

    Glad you enjoyed my Hub.  I have an answer for you, but it's really too long to do via the hub "answer process".  I will be MORE than happy to email you an answer.  My email address is:  jeannash18@yahoo.com

    Since this might be a problem/challenge for other folks, I might do a generalized Hub on cat spraying.