Who made the decision to use an unqualified alternate, coach or competition comp

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    coach486posted 7 years ago

    Who made the decision to use an unqualified alternate, coach or competition company?

    Had she ever practiced with this team before? Did company give additional time in warm-up area to re-work the routine?

    Did company give additional time in warm-up area to re-work the routine and how much?

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    Lifeallstar1posted 7 years ago

    Both made the decision.  The coach couldn't do it if the comp company said no and if the coach said no, the comp company couldn't do it.

    The girl was on a lower level and was not allowed to do certain things. She did not practice with us, she practiced with her own team. She saw us perform as we all watched each other.

    The comp company gave additional time in warm up area since my teammate was lying there not moving. She was not in my stunt group but if the on stage spotters were in warm ups she would have never been hurt. How she fell they would have had to have been there to help save her. We were so upset we couldn't stop crying. That had never happened before. They had to let people go ahead of us and ambulance took teammate away. Then we were told to hurry up and teach stunts. The girl went up barely then back down on my head as we fell to the floor.

    The sad thing is the comp and coaches knew how upset we were and we were all minors at the time. To think that is allowed is awful. We were given as much time as the division lasted and it wasn't long. We were last ones to go on. I can't give an exact time. If you think about how long a routine is and we were not first then what had happened and everything, there's no way for a ton of time to go by. All I can say is major changes need to take place and not at the kids expense. We are not just a number for the golden trophy and for the comp people to make money. It's insulting everything that when on from that day and after. I think a lot needs to change because the meaning behind why we do it has changed. Our lives are more important than that. These poor kids and parents have no idea.

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    coach486posted 7 years ago

    Thanks. First, I hope your injured teammate is now fine. Did the alternate have to learn all partner stunts, baskets and pyramids? I wonder why the decision was not made just to pull your team from the competition as most gyms typically enter many teams. Was there an ambulance or medical staff on site? You are right the coach would not have been allowed to do it if it was deemed a safety issue in any of their rule standards. This would certainly not follow the " perfection before progression" philosophy of the industry.  So yes, the referee in your instance should have been the host company.  The irony is, if anything had happened to the alternate or another player basing the alternate..the company would have put the blame right back on the coach for making the decision to re-coup the routine.  There is a reason better rules are not in place and you are on the $ by following the money trail.