Three questions: 1.When you claim human equality for Islam, where do you place p

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    SYED SAFDAR RIZVIposted 7 years ago

    Three questions: 1.When you claim human equality for Islam, where do you place permission of...

    SLAVERY, allowing victors to take kaneezes and slaves as well as buying and selling of men and women still in vogue in some countries?
    2. You are right when you practice middle course in life. B ut Imagine a person who lives sinful life and deliberately avoids doing good deeds, in your opinion does he follow middle course? Similarly, a person who avoids deliberately commiting sin and performs only good deeds. Does he follow the middle course? 3. What degree of awareness a normal person as Muslim  achieves in life?

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    Shahid Bukhariposted 7 years ago

    Thank you for reading ... and as I had stated earlier, I often edit my papers, to make them less strenuous reading, and other times, I add what I might have inadvertently missed.

    Accordingly, I have added, the role of Ahle Bait e Rasool and their pivotal Sacrifices, for Islam.

    Regarding, the first question ... "Since war, is not my subject, I am not aware, if slavery is still in vogue, in the classical sense.

    What I am aware of, is the fact, that while gold and land are for the King in victory ... women, wine and looting is considered the right of the winning sides foot soldiers ... since times immemorial.

    Regarding the second question ... The person you refer to, is already following a [Wrong]Course ... And in such, there is no provision for the Middle course ...

    Unless... the person takes a U-Turn, and changes radically, there little likelihood, that such a person will ever be able to adopt the Middle [Right] Course.

    Regarding your third question ... A "Muttaqi" achieves all that hath been Ordained of the Good ... in this life, and the hereafter.