which type of metals are better for making building ?

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    ishaq007posted 7 years ago

    which type of metals are better for making building ?

    which metals shall the ARCHITECT use for building ?

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    andycoolposted 7 years ago

    I think steel rods in the concrete structures and aluminium fixtures in interiors are the most used metals in buildings.

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    nunojcmposted 5 years ago

    My option falls to the use of galvanized steel as the building structure. In this respect the constructive system is undoubtedly the Light Steel Framing (LSF), which uses galvanized steel as the main structural element. The LSF structures do not use heavy elements such as concrete, which is only used in foundations and basements.  As the name implies, the material is galvanized steel (Steel) obtained from a sheet of reduced thickness (Light), forming a three-dimensional frame (Framing). A key strength of this type of construction is the gain which is obtained on the structural safety. This is because the articulated structure which is obtained improves performance in the event of earthquake, and reduces problems of cracking on the walls. In addition, the number of different solutions for walls and roofs, leads to buildings with high thermal and acoustic performance and comfort levels superior to those obtained for the heavy construction. The LSF buildings are typically buildings that follow the latest ideology of sustainable construction. Additionally, they also allow time savings during the construction phase, reducing the execution time and consequently resulting in gains that translate into savings. It is also a building system that breathes versatility, and should be highly appealing to architects.