is it illegal to have bullets in your car. No gun, or no permit. Just found one

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    johnny1000posted 7 years ago

    is it illegal to have bullets in your car. No gun, or no permit.  Just found one bullet in trunk...

    My friend got pulled over in San Jose CA. He was on Parole so the cops searched his car. They found a single bullet in his trunk. No gun, He has no permit.  They took him to jail for having the bullet.  Is that illegal?
    He was in Prison for Sales. I'm not sure if he had prier weapons charges or not.
    If he did is it illegal to carry a single bullet?

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    IdeaMorphistposted 7 years ago

    I do not live in CA but in IL that would not be illegal. Even if he had a weapons charge in the past, what would he do with a bullet with no gun to fire it? Throw it at the person? Puh-Lease I would ask for the court appointed attorney if he can not afford one on his own. Sounds pretty unjustifiable on the officers behalf to me.

  3. Adventure Colorad profile image83
    Adventure Coloradposted 6 years ago

    Without knowing the details of his parole it is nearly impossible to know for sure.  Many people do not realize that your right to privacy and rights against search and seizure are greatly reduced during parole or probabtion, it is a condition of being released rather than being held in custody.  Weapon possession is almost always prohibited as a condition of parole.  Also, California does have very strict rules on firearm and ammunition possession.