My six year old grandson is autistic and has a motor condition that causes him t

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    tagurit4posted 7 years ago

    My six year old grandson is autistic and has a motor condition that causes him to lose balance...

    so much so that the school he attends wants to put a helmet on him. His mother has now accused my son and I four times of abusing him, each time we have to go through hell with the county Children and Youth, each time it's been unfounded, she is causing so much turmoil. She takes him to the doctors even if he has a pimple. She's taken him to the E.R. for a cat scratch! Can anything be done about these false accusations? It is actually causing me health problems.

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    Ruach Eishposted 7 years ago

    I have no idea whether anything can be done I'm afraid - especially as it sounds like you're in America while I am British and the laws are different here.  But I would just like to express my sympathy since I have a severely autistic brother who I help to care for and I know very well the problems which can arise both with one or both of the parents and with the authorities who seem to specialise in causing trouble.  Does your grandson have a social worker who you can speak to?  Or is there anywhere where you can get free independent legal advice (We have what's called the "Citizen's Advice Bureau" in this country where you can seek guidance about legal matters).  If you were British I would know what to advise, but unfortunately the difference in nationality renders me rather useless.  I really hope you find some solution to the problem though.  All the best.  Sarah xxx