What are some differences and simularities between Ninjas and Samurais?

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  1. Mentalist acer profile image61
    Mentalist acerposted 12 years ago

    What are some differences and simularities between Ninjas and Samurais?

  2. John B Badd profile image61
    John B Baddposted 12 years ago

    A Samurai was a feudal warrior in service to a wealthy land owner (a lord).  They had a code of honor they followed and after their masters death they were required to die by there own sword.  A Samurai who refused to do this was known as a Ronin and walked the earth a disgraced warrior, often times becoming a mercenary.

    A ninja is classically an assassin by trade.  They use martial arts and subterfuge to eliminate the enemies they were hired to kill.  Like a samurai they could also have been in the service of a master or they may have belonged to a guild of there own.  Unlike a samurai a ninja was not beholden to a strict moral code.

    In modern times many have begun to study the way of the ninja.  These people are hopefully not assassins and many follow the moral codes of their belief systems.

  3. Haunty profile image77
    Hauntyposted 12 years ago


    The Samurai were Japanese noblemen in the Middle Ages bound by the Samurai code of ethics that places justice and honor before all else in life. In practice, the Samurai interpreted their code quite freely as many of them became brigands and pirates when the prospect of riches reared its ugly head for them.

    Ninja were born Samurai who became trained mercenaries for powerful Japanese warlords called Daimyo. They were infamous for their deadly skills in stealth, disguise and martial arts. They originated from Samurai families in the Iga and Koga Provinces of Japan.

    You can read more about this in my hub:

  4. Tricia Barnes profile image61
    Tricia Barnesposted 12 years ago

    Samurai were like the Knights of England only to Japan.They lived by the strict Code of the Samurai which is why they protected their counrty,gained knowledge, and protected and were polite to women.They fought mainly with a sword until the introduction of gunpowder, and were also known for their ability to create great poetry which may seem strange but they had strong morals about the society they fought to protect.They were also involved in politics.

    Ninja were very steathly and prefered to avoid direct combat unlike the samurai.They were forced from their regular life of simple farming and such into warfare during their era.They prefered to take down enemy's when they let their guard down and used a variety of weapons like kanata and shuriken.They trained in stealth and blended in so they were very effective at sneaking up on their target.They were something like mercanaries and even some samurai were also ninja.
    Most ninja and samurai ways were abandonded as Japan modernized, but some still hold on to their ways and customs.


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