My name is Delano Moore. Some of you have probably heard of me. It seems everyw

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    Delano Mooreposted 7 years ago

    My name is Delano Moore.  Some of you have probably heard of me. It seems everywhere I go people...

    have lots of miss information about me. Many and more of these things have happened to me without doubt.
    Question: Do these demonic forces have the power to manipulate the functions of my physical body or are these simply side effects of occassional meth use?

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    Team Wisemanposted 7 years ago

    Our belief is that these demonic attacks seem to happen all the time. Ones seem to notice it and be more sensitive to the spiritual battles that surround us all each day while using certain drugs.
    Talking to Jesus everyday is the key to stopping these attacks from winning in your life. Begin to have a real Relationship with your Savior, your friend. When you do this, these demonic attacks happen less, and they never win in your life.
      However, to note, using meth causes a gateway to be opened in your life, and just by using meth, you become a walking target for demonic attacks. You become almost like a 'toy' for them. Life is fragile, handle with prayer.