why do people study history

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    mario andreposted 7 years ago

    why do people study history

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    framistanposted 7 years ago

    If you look at "HISTORY" as just wars and memorizing dates of things... that's not the important thing.  Who cares about WHERE..and WHAT.  The important thing is "WHY!" 

    WHY did world war 2 happen?
    WHY did America break the treaties with the indians?
    WHY did Abe Lincoln free the slaves?
    WHY did America have slaves to begin with?
    WHY does America's constitution mention "HAPPINESS?"
    WHY did Hitler believe the Germans were the master-race?
    WHY did Communism fail in the Soviet Union?
    WHY did China allow 60 million Chinese to starve to death?

    Nations have made lots of mistakes.  If we don't know history, we will make the same mistakes AGAIN!  How would you like to go through another world war?  How about repeating SLAVERY again?  How about America becoming socialist like CHINA?  Will we learn from nations mistakes... or NOT?

    People individually make mistakes too.  If you only kept track of WHEN and WHERE you made mistakes... how would that help you stop repeating them?  We need to study WHY we did those things or we will be doomed to repeat them over and over.