Osama Bin Laden: Goal to Kill Our Citizens or Our Financial System?

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  1. weatherdictionary profile image61
    weatherdictionaryposted 7 years ago

    Osama Bin Laden: Goal to Kill Our Citizens or Our Financial System?

    The United States has a $14 Trillion deficit, the TSA has increased airline security to the point that they have been accused of molesting Miss America, and 20% of our Homeland Defense budget is allocated to Homeland Security (i.e. protection against terrorist activity). Over $1 Trillion have already been spent on the War on Terror... and that number just keeps rising. Was it a coincidence that Osama chose to attack the largest Financial Centre in the United States?

    What do you think - was Osama Bin Laden's end game focused on killing our citizens or killing our financial system?

  2. profile image0
    Old Empresarioposted 7 years ago

    If Osama wanted to just kill a bunch of people, he would have attacked a packed stadium, a mega church, or Dineyworld. But he didn't. He chose particular targets. I think Osama's end game was to send a violent message. Just look at his two targets: the financial center of the US and the Pentagon. Since that began, $2 Trillion has been spent on the Iraq and Afghan wars alone. Much more has been spent on war on terror operations and infrastructure. Whether Osama meant to do it or not, he ruined us. He lit the fuse and we destroyed ourselves financially by launching a 10-year campaign against something that cannot be found, hunted, or even defined. Now our empire is collapsing while our military still grows. Taxes are sure to increase. The government is facing bankruptcy. Our already-dismal educational system is being pruned even further. I expect the rich will wisely leave. Even wealth is no longer respected as law-and-order becomes our only commodity. The dollar is inflating further, our economic growth is about to be overtaken, and we cannot sustain another economic recession.

  3. wolfissac profile image60
    wolfissacposted 7 years ago

    To me the answer is both. There is no doubt he wanted to kill as many Americans as possible but the fact that he attacked the world trade center in 01 is a clear sign that his greater strategy was to destroy the US from an economic stand point. However, it is not the $2 trillion dollars we've spent in Iraq and Afghanistan and the money spent on homeland security that has brought this about. Like it or not our economic issues are largely caused by our own government it was only compounded by Bin Laden's actions.

  4. Zubair Ahmed profile image70
    Zubair Ahmedposted 7 years ago

    It's not Osama we need to be worried about it is the Government and the largest MOD cooperations that are benefiting from all the fall out from 911.  If you visit the 911truth web site you'll get some insight into why and how all this transpired.  And who is benefiting from 911 and fallout from it.

    It is the poor in society that are in the army, it is the poor in society that are suffering in the name of preventing terror.

  5. PoliticsNOW profile image69
    PoliticsNOWposted 7 years ago

    Osama knew he could not beat us face to face.  His plan was a war of 1000 economic cuts.  Make us spend trillions chasing Oil.  Cheney and Bush told the Taliban we wanted to build an Oil Pipeline through their land and even threatened to bomb them.  We had the intell they were going to attack and ignored it.  Then 9/11 happened and O look now we can go to war.  Cheney and Bush are WAR PROFITEERS and made loads of cash off the war.  They were also in bed with Enron at the time.


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