If we know better; why don't we simply do better? How many times will we reach a

  1. profile image55
    SportsnLeesSureposted 7 years ago

    If we know better; why don't we simply do better? How many times will we reach and burn our hands?

    Politics in America drives me crazy. Revolt against the wicked!

  2. Stump Parrish profile image61
    Stump Parrishposted 7 years ago

    For some reason most people would rather be wrong than admit they're wrong. The second problem is that party affiliation is more important than what the candidate actully represents. The third problem is that very few people are willing to revisit past decisions. Once they decide which political prty they will vote for, changing that decision indicates to them that they were wrong about something. 95% of all Americans know for a fact they have never been wrong about anything. The last problem is that most Americans refuse to check facts or stories. If they have chosen to believe what a person says, that person automatically become incapable of lying to them. Take the Faux News Network, This company went to court to protect their right to lie to their viewers. They stated in court that they know they publish and broadcast false stories. They then convinced the courts that freedom of speech guarantees them the right to do so. How does one go about believing that a company that fights for the right to lie, doesn't? It all comes down to education. The lack of it in this country is beginning to show results. This will continue to get worse. As Hitler said...What luck for rulers that men don't think.

  3. profile image55
    SportsnLeesSureposted 7 years ago

    Its so nice to see that you are wide awake... Many people feel that daily life is sufficient so change is far from their minds. Then they turn on the evening news. Yet sleep seems to wash it all away. The next day comes; and the process of life repeats. All the while, turmoil resonates and evil progresses. Wake up like Stump Parrish! Why do we WAR? Is it really for the betterment of Democracy? Is it to ensure the stunting of Global Terrorism? I believe $$$ plays the part of instigator in this Novel idea. A great american named RON PAUL once, and always says..."Bring the troops home!" Far too many dying for an unjust cause. We have so many issues stateside that need to be addressed and the U.S. Military could really help in mass. i.e. Crumbling Infrastructure. Unfortunately OIL is our nemesis and creates much strife among us. Exponential Growth; at some point it all runs out. Clean Energy; perhaps no such thing... Solar Power, Wind Power, Hydro-Electric Power examples which at somepoint along the way still make for greenhouse gases. Think about it, but definitely a better way for our future. Yet; big corporations, their boosters, and yes politicians look for profit over solution. I am sure about that. AMERICANS must stand up for real change and that means revolution. Educate the youth so that greedy mistakes can be corrected and avoided for the next generation. I urge some of you to check out Infowars.com, maybe not right for everyone. Some of you however might just wake up to the facts. Thank you Stump Parrish for your motivation to me to write this.


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