How strong a roll do you think social culture influences a persons morals?

  1. Protocol512 profile image58
    Protocol512posted 6 years ago

    How strong a roll do you think social culture influences a persons morals?

    Are morals important because they are "good", or because they help individuals benefit mutually from social activity? Are morals then a set of survival tools?

  2. Mr.NGR profile image60
    Mr.NGRposted 6 years ago

    Morals do play quite a large part in society although there are plenty of panderers at times. I believe they are good to have but not truly necessary. So in fact they could be a survival tool in a sense. Even though they are important (in some cases) if you want to get ahead in the corporate business world they become a choice as opposed to a necessity (that is a personal observation). Morals can be applied at anytime in any situation but are entirely useless if only one side is using them and they may become a sort of hindrance. Much like the Geneva Convention is for the countries during a time of war. Most individuals benefit from morals on a personal level (it feels good to stick to your morals) but may also benefit from them on a social level (other take notice and interpret your actions with either disdain or approval). If others (social setting) approve of the way you handle a moral dilemma it could help you become more socially accepted. If others disapprove if could mean you would be ostracized (shunned) by individuals or certain groups. In my opinion applied morals,such as during a moral dilemma of sorts is much more of a judging point as opposed to someones morals in general. Are morals overrated is a better question to ask, I'm just saying.