Institution on familiy have changes..

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    dgrosinposted 8 years ago

    Survive a long time, in the social environment, the thought that man as a biological and social, and spiritual value, during its existence and is going, and one remains in the almost eternal contact with a "holy", which are by nature given, and that in them is not to be suspect and wrong. " People are often mean, not because of knowledge, partly because of the ruling paradigm and the ideology that marriage, family, kin groups and the like., Inviolable institutions and as such represent the pivot of the general human action and duration. In short, the image is ruled by individuals who during his life from birth to death and put in a few species, almost static situation and social relations, including here, and the institution of marriage and family.
    However, if we have in mind that the human race has left behind many of the established civilizations, such as for example, ancient-Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, to the history of mankind is marked by change, which is much more to the reality and filled with opposites turbulent developments, and at the same time, for example, we have a culture of the West and Eastern culture, world poverty and the rich world, the tribes, Klana, on the one hand, alienation, and individuals, on the other hand, and the like., we have recognized, or at least, Thus at the beginning, to assume, however, that there is a difference and that no social institution can not remain unchanged forever...