Time Travel~If you could travel in time, would you do it and what year or era wo

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  1. jseven profile image82
    jsevenposted 7 years ago

    Time Travel~If you could travel in time, would you do it and what year or era would you travel to?

  2. szts77 profile image59
    szts77posted 7 years ago

    I don't think I would actually take the opportunity. I wouldn't even try to go back small amounts of time to try and correct any mistakes I made. I like to live in the present and I like the idea that I've learnt from those mistakes, so they've actually benefitted me.


  3. Gyldenboy profile image60
    Gyldenboyposted 7 years ago

    Yes. I wouldn't be able to resist if the time machine were in front of me. I want answers to the questions I have on the past that have stumped experts.

    I want to try to find ancient Atlantis. A few sites are likely candidates, and I want to see what they were in the past. What were the people like. If Atlantis was a myth, I'll know for sure after checking all the top candidate sites on where Atlantis was believed to exist.

    Find out how the pyramids were built.

    See the future. How far along does our science progress in a century from now?

    My hope, is a time travel where I'm not physically there. Like I'm a ghostly observer viewing the world through a lens. I like to think, a type of small free flying robot with a cloak and force field. Capable of collecting energy on it's own from multiple sources to stay charged.That way, I can see any event in time.

    But, I guess if it's just a machine in which I'm a passenger. I'll have to hope there's a cloak to hide me and the machine. A instant translator machine as well, for the languages the ancients and descendants may speak.

    Then, it's only a matter of dressing appropriately and learning the culture to blend in. Well, I'll likely still stick out. But, it's likely I'll just be assumed a foreigner. However, that's assuming my instant translator machine will auto-convert my speech and vice versa. One can dream. smile

    It'd be interesting. ^^

  4. jseven profile image82
    jsevenposted 7 years ago

    I can see your point of letting things be as they are, szts77. I guess I would go back only to find some answers and be amazed at how they did things.

    Like Glydenboy, I would like to see if there was an Atlantis and yes, how the ancient pyramids were built would be incredible viewing. I, too, would want to be invisible, not like Kirk and Spock, lol. smile

    I would love to see who was my dad's mother, father and family since he was adopted and I have all this love for music, the arts and many other things. I feel that some of it came from downline. I also would like the plague that killed all of my dad's family and what diseases prevail in his lineage. His ancestors came from England and that would be one of my stops, also.

    To know my heritage would be so cool, because I love the Native American culture along with ethnic ones and always wonder if I have some of that blood in me.

    I guess if could change anything, it would be Hitler's destruction of all the Jews, America's bloodshed of the Native Americans, the slaughter of so many by ruthless terrorists and the horrid crimes against children, but then as C.S. Lewis said "where do you end suffering?"

    The free will of man is what causes it and God gave us that until the time when His judgments come upon all mankind. I sure cannot take God's place  or I would change the free will of humans in this time frame we live in on this planet.


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