Do Americans, in general, have a broad knowledge and understanding of other coun

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  1. maddot profile image77
    maddotposted 7 years ago

    Do Americans, in general, have a broad knowledge and understanding of other countries?

    It's not uncommon for Americans to be depicted in my media as being ignorant of the large land mass south of South East Asia. This large land mass is the largest island in the world and the smallest continent. It's people have fought  many wars alongside the US military and have a trade agreement, yet, this long term relationship is often unknown to the many Americans. Are Americans US-centric and if so, why is this? Do Americans study the cultures and politics of their allies?

  2. profile image0
    ahorsebackposted 7 years ago

    I think that alot of the world misreads the American people. Because of several factors . America,  isolated as well from the rest of the world up until the last hundred or so years, has gained a reputation as a colonial power. And yet is actually far more philanthropic than some realize. Our media ,as the rest of the worlds, tends be hypersensative to its own sensationalism Often its our own  worst enemy!  I think the worse thing anyone nation can do is underestimate Americas passions ,its people and its  involvements in the rest of the world.  I believe as many do . That our country and its people are forever underestimated. It is the silent vigilance that America has for peace , prosperity and  vibrance in all economies and peoples , that is mis read and much taken for granted.  As an American , in a very complicated world,  I believe we strive  for  a true understanding of all cultures , all peoples , and each nations right for success peace and prosperity. I also believe this....That many Americans are growing fatigued with the negativism  against all things American. The media isn't   the best teacher or indicator of the public attitude of Americans.

  3. maddot profile image77
    maddotposted 7 years ago

    ahorseback thanks for your  thoughts. I am not convinced though that Americans are "striving for a true understanding of all cultures,, all peoples,.." and "It is the silent vigilance that America has for peace and prosperity and vibrancy of all economies and people"..
    You don't really believe that the USA went into Iraq  to free the people from a ruthless dictator do you???
    If that is the case why did the US  remove itself from Tibet and leave it to the mercy of the the Chinese Government? 
    The American constitution may expound the ideals you  speak but the reality is something quite different I think.
    If Americans are growing tired of the negativity of "all things American" it maybe because they still  do not grasp the impact of its actions on those in other parts of the world.

  4. Judi Bee profile image95
    Judi Beeposted 7 years ago

    I lived in the US for two years, back in the early eighties, and graduated high school.  My father still lives there, so I have a little bit of knowledge of how some Americans perceive the rest of the world.  The best questions asked me about my life in England were:  Do y'all have trees in England?  Have you ever used a hairdryer before?  Which suggested to me that there was a certain information gap there!

  5. regina s profile image56
    regina sposted 7 years ago

    No!!!!  I think that many Americans are too busy watching TV and playing with their toys!


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