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What are the some best mechanical engineering sites?

  1. aakashmech profile image61
    aakashmechposted 6 years ago

    What are the  some best mechanical engineering sites?

    for making projects and for getting useful knowledges about mechanical engineering concepts and latest technology news....

  2. tapt007 profile image60
    tapt007posted 6 years ago

    These are some of the best links:

    1.American Society of Mechanical Engineering(http://www.asme.org/)
    2.iCrank.com(http://icrank.com/cgi-bin/pageman/pageo … _html.html)
    3.Matweb (http://www.matweb.com/)
    4.Mechanical engineerings.com(http://mechanicalengineerings.com/)

  3. jazibsaeed profile image61
    jazibsaeedposted 5 years ago

    Another best website for mechanical engineers and all other engineers which you have missed here is:  http://helloengineers.com/
    This website is a social networking platform for engineers. It helps them all in many ways.

  4. tanjilovi profile image74
    tanjiloviposted 3 years ago

    You can have a look at this blog :

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    suryaprakash333posted 2 years ago

    Go for www.corelogs.com. It is a serious Q&A website for engineers and research scholars from mechanical, industrial, manufacturing and other core branches.

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    aticoexportambalaposted 2 years ago

    American Society of Mechanical Engineering
    iCrank.com - well-organized database of mechanical engineering resources
    MatWeb - material database, thousands of materials, great search facility, choice of units
    Eng-Links - engineering calculators, reference materials, links, by Steve Henderson
    ThomasNet - as complete a resource of distributors, manufacturers, services  as we have ever seen, powered by the company that wrote the book, Thomas Register. Includes links to CAD drawings.
    efunda - engineering fundamentals, equations, materials, units and more
    GlobalSpec - spec-driven search for parts
    Digital Engineering Library - online catalog of PDF and print publications for sale by McGraw Hill
    Mechanical Engineering TV new - collection of videos, pictures of various mechanical applications, computer simulation, projects
    icademic.org new -

    Mechanical Lab Equipment