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What are the best 9 to 5 (8 hour only), 2 days off per week jobs with good salar

  1. greathub profile image72
    greathubposted 8 years ago

    What are the best 9 to 5 (8 hour only), 2 days off per week jobs with good salary?

    I would like to know some jobs that are related to mechanical engineering also that have timings of not more than 8 hours per day with 2 days off per week.

    I would be glad to hear about jobs that are not related to mechanical engineering as well.

  2. mudasir profile image66
    mudasirposted 8 years ago

    it depends where you want to work and for whom you want to work. if you are so concerned about timings during this recession era, you should better go for self-employment. teaching might also be a profession that satisfies your conditions.

  3. profile image44
    vani_2k8posted 8 years ago

    Now a days we are not getting jobs truely, We want to get a 8 hours job and 5 days week its not possible. In every its based on the responsibilities when you are going to complete your work they don't bother they want work. work keeping on us is also not some, its very hard to complete in 8 hours also. we need to complete it in the submission date.

  4. Patty Inglish, MS profile image94
    Patty Inglish, MSposted 8 years ago

    I'll have to look at the options closely and see what I can find. In America, our fulltime jobs in the daytime are usually from 8am - 5pm or 7am - 4pm, each with 30 to 60 minutes for lunch.  Sometimes there's mandatory overtime, as in 8am - 6pm, and sometimes some weekend work. usually the 40-hour jobs are lower in pay than you might like.

    In some restaurant chains, the pay is fairly good for managers, but they often start out at 5 nights a week, instead of days, and this can run into long hours trying to close up and clean a place. They are often called in to work extra hours at no additional pay, because they are on salary.

    We do have a large sector of Nurses - RNs, BSN. and higher, that work two 10- or 12-hour days on the weekends and have 5 days off. They can make up to $30+ per hour in my region and are paid 40 hours for working only 20 or 24 hours.

    Owning your own business is another option. It will probably take long hours at first, but with a staff you have trained well, followed-up, and and whom you can trust reliably, your own hours could decrease over time. I don't know what business that would be.

    I'll look into it a little more and get back with you on this. My best to you in your career, until then.

  5. MasarLamaki profile image57
    MasarLamakiposted 7 years ago

    If you want to be a good engineer, you need to be willing to work overtime, weekends, and travel to job sites that are sometimes out of state or out of the country.  Check ENR for the top contractors and design (engineering) firms.  See which companies do projects that you are interested in--which field of mechanical engineering are you going to specialize in? And go for one of those firms.  Sure, there are some firms that might let you get away with just doing design of one tiny little piece of a project for 8 hours a day and then going home, but then you will never grow as an engineer or be able to expand your career. 

    Hope that helps!

  6. binnys18303 profile image37
    binnys18303posted 7 years ago

    Yes, teaching job is the only profession in which one can enjoy 9 to 5 timings but its okay if there is only one off in a week because teaching line do not have much pressure and stress comparatively other fields.