Conflicted Values

  1. gladiator_m92 profile image58
    gladiator_m92posted 9 years ago

    Conflicted Values

    Teachers become frustrated when outside pressures force them to choose one value at the expense of another.

    Raymond believes students learn most effectively in a stimulating and varied classroom environment. In his ideal classroom, individual students are actively engaged in activities appropriate to their interests, abilities, and preferred cognitive processes. They are excited about learning. Creating that learning environment gives Raymond a tremendous sense of accomplishment (value 1). Because of his regard for individual students, his students like and respect him (value 2). Raymond’s beliefs and values march hand-in-hand and he feels good about himself and his job.

    Along comes an in-service day. A well-known educational speaker gives a forty-five-minute talk embracing all of the behaviors in which Raymond already engages. Wow! An expert has validated his beliefs and values. Raymond is elated!

    At the end of the workshop, the principal makes a brief announcement. The district has selected a battery of tests that will assess student knowledge of the standards adopted by the district. The results of the tests will influence teacher evaluations. Oh, oh! Conflict of values!

    In addition to valuing a sense of accomplishment and the good will of the students, Raymond values eating and keeping a roof over his head— survival! Raymond’s focus is more on in-depth understanding than on the acquisition of testable facts. If he continues to teach in his typical way, the students may not “learn” all of the specific bits of information covered by the standards and included in the tests. Their test scores will suffer. Raymond’s evaluation will go down, negatively influencing his professional future. 

    On the other hand, if Raymond changes the way he’s teaching, he will lose the respect of the students. Worse, according to his belief system, he will fail to provide the most effective learning environment, so his self-concept suffers. Raymond’s sense of accomplishment disappears.

    At this point, whatever decision Raymond makes must deprive him of one or more of the things he values. Is it any wonder he feels conflicted—less than satisfied with whatever decision he makes?

    Teachers are often confronted with situations that threaten their sense of self-respect—an important value for most people. Many teachers have experienced similar situations that result in frustration, stress, and dissatisfaction. Understanding where these conflicts in values and beliefs lie is the first step in resolving them.

  2. Cagsil profile image81
    Cagsilposted 9 years ago

    Interesting post.

    I'm not exactly sure what you point was, but what I got from it was based on values, such as respect through accomplishment.

    Yes, you will get respect through your accomplishments, but when an individual decides to put self first, before students, is where the lines get blurred.

    Teachers are that, teachers. They teach academics to students, as easily as possible. Curriculums are designed not to benefit students, as they are to control costs.

    Teaching a student the proper academics, regardless of subject, is more important. To ensure they understand and can apply what they learn, to their life.

    Teachers must be evaluated, but "How?" is to be debated, because testing children isn't the answer. Monitoring the teacher is the only form in which you can evaluate what level they are performing.

    I did like your writing, how ever. If it matters.

    The problems with schools, teachers and the system in which pays for all of it, is completely skewed in perception, but that's for another topic.

    Thanks for posting.


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