If any aliens are alive in some other planets?

  1. Tamilarasan123 profile image38
    Tamilarasan123posted 6 years ago

    If any aliens are alive in some other planets?

    if any aliens are alive in some other planets like Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and in other planets in solar planet


  2. JKenny profile image93
    JKennyposted 6 years ago

    Its very doubtful that there is any alien life on any other planets in the Solar System, although one of Saturn's moons' Titan may harbour life, albeit in its simplest form. As for the wider galaxy and universe, there is probably alien life, mostly in the form of Bacteria. This is just my opinion, but I very much doubt whether there are any little green men out there.

    After all, the evolution of intelligent life on this planet was by no means inevitable, in fact for the majority of this planet's history, the most complex life form was bacteria. Its only in the last 600 million years that more complex organisms evolved. Also if there is intelligent life out there, I doubt whether they will look like us, just look at the 'smart' animals on this planet. Primates (including humans), Elephants, Parrots, Pigs, Cetaceans, Crows and some Cephalopod species such as Octopus harbour intelligence that is equal to Birds.