How can I appropriately resume contact with Grad School references?

  1. relawshe profile image73
    relawsheposted 6 years ago

    How can I appropriately resume contact with Grad School references?

    I graduated from college almost 5 years ago, and have not had contact with my undergrad professors since then, who wrote me Grad School recommendation letters.  Is there an appropriate, good way to resume contact with these people, so they will write me recommendation letters for Grad school?

  2. CZCZCZ profile image85
    CZCZCZposted 6 years ago

    Try and connect with them on LinkedIn, also just shoot them an email, they will understand, just send the message.

  3. VirginiaLynne profile image96
    VirginiaLynneposted 6 years ago

    I had this experience, except that it was 10 years!  What I did was to send them a letter reminding them of the courses I took and then sending them papers I had written in those courses along with my transcripts.  Now I work at a college and write recommendation letters and I know that actually these are very difficult to do because you don't remember specific details.  To get the best possible recommendation, give the person as many concrete examples as you can of things they can write about you.  You might want to give them a transcript, and tell them about your experiences since college.  I've written a hub about getting a good recommendation, if you want more ideas.