Is the unusual weather a sign that doomsday is near?

  1. ChinaDoll32BX profile image60
    ChinaDoll32BXposted 6 years ago

    Is the unusual weather a sign that doomsday is near?

    Some bizarre things are occurring in the world these days including, the unusually warm weather. As many of you already know, the world is allegedly coming to an end later this year. So, do you think that these odd occurrences is a warning that the end is near?

  2. Insane Mundane profile image62
    Insane Mundaneposted 6 years ago

    To hell with the "doomsday" babble, as the problem starts with the raping of Mother Nature, Global Warming, and the crude energy sources mankind seems to be so dependent upon, for starters...   Yeah, hold on to your seats and don't buy property near the coastlines...

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    MsChellposted 6 years ago

    Well now, it has become increasingly more evident, that weather has strengthened in force. As well as activity. Hurricanes, tornado's, wildfires, flooding, mudslides, earthquakes, volcanoes, mega storm's. With such severe weather, crops across the globe are effected. The economy is effected. Ultimately, mankind is effected.
    The last 20 yr.s we've seen more extreme weather, than any time in recorded history. And the forecast for last yr. up through 2014, are more disastrous then any
    time in recorded history.
    As far as the records kept by the Mayans. They are very impressive. However, no man knows the day or the hour according to scriptures. The scriptures have been
    very accurate as far as prophecy goes. Christ himself dose not know when the end would come, nor do the angels (Mark 13:32). Only God knows. In order to better understand where we stand in the world today, seek to find the markers.
    As God Himself told us what to look for; Mark 13:8,32, Luke 21:11, Revelations
    6:12-13, 8:5, 7, !!:13, & 16:18, 21.
    We are indeed approaching, if not in the begining of the end of days.