Logic is Science or Art? Please explain.

  1. profile image50
    fazal1kskposted 11 years ago

    Logic is Science or Art? Please explain.

  2. thurstjm profile image67
    thurstjmposted 11 years ago

    . There are different kinds of logic (one is very science-based, the other isn't). Neither form of logic is really an "art". That is, logic isn't about expressing emotions. Furthermore, both forms of logic have consistent rules. Logic is about successfully applying these rules.

    There are two kinds of logic: inductive logic and deductive logic.

    The first kind, inductive logic, is what we use when making any scientific argument . Inductive logic takes our observations about the world and uses them to come to conclusions about things that we can't yet directly observe. Basically, scientific inquiry is just a combination of observing the world and applying inductive logic. Here's a classic example of an inductive argument:

    All crows I have seen have been black.
    I have seen a large percentage of all the crows that exist.
    Therefore, all crows are probably black.

    Deductive logic deals with what must be true. Most (it can get a bit more complicated than this) deductive logic deals with claims that apply to an entire class of things. For example, if I know that all (the entire class) bachelors are men, and I know that Jim is a bachelor, it is necessarily true that Jim is a man. Because ALL members of the class (bachelors) are men, it holds that every particular instance of the class must be a man.

    Deductive logic isn't really science or art. Unlike science, deductive logic doesn't really have much to do with empirical observations. Art is more about expressing emotions. That's not what deductive logic is about. You can understand deductive logic as a way of defining things that helps us to clarify our reasoning.

    If you'd like to know more about deductive and inductive logic (as well as their differences) please let me know and I can post a hub about it.

  3. Taiwo Oluwaseye profile image61
    Taiwo Oluwaseyeposted 6 years ago

    Mathematics is a science that deals with logic and reasoning. Mathematics is logic that deals with reasoning in solving problems in life. Mathematics involves seeking truth through logical reasoning.   Is Logic A Science Or An Art?-It is both; or rather there is a Science of logic-a practical science-and an Art of logic.

    An art, according to the ordinary use of the term, is understood to mean a collection of practical rules or canons or precepts for our guidance in the performance of some work, usually external:-facere, faire, to make, machen;-not merely mental-agere,agir, to do, thun.  But it also commonly means practical skill derived from experience in the application of those principals or rules.  The principals themselves are partly the fruit of study-like the truths of science-and partly of actual experience itself.  The main divisions of the arts is that into the fine arts-music painting, sculpture, ect.-and the various mechanical arts and crafts.

    Logic is a science, for it studies and analyses our mental processes and teaches us a systematized body of truths concerning those processes.  It is even speculative in character, both in so far as  the knowledge yielded by such analysis is desirable for its won sake, and inasmuch as even its practical aim is precisely to secure that very object which all speculative science aims at-knowledge of the truth.  This is St Thomas’ point of view when he writes: “In speculativis alia rationalis scientia est dailectica…et alia scientia demonstrative” (St IIa IIae, q. 51, art. 2, ad. 3).


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