How Does Infrared Satellite Work?

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    ngurecoposted 5 years ago

    How Does Infrared Satellite Work?

    I check my weather update at UK Met Office website. Their infrared satellite pictures show us the amount of clouds in the atmosphere. The question is: how does infrared satellite work?

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    whonunuwhoposted 5 years ago

    Infrared satellite images are provided by he national weather service and displayed in a maping for about 520 miles. twice each day. The maps show white, or high clouds, or low and purple clouds. The lower clouds are usually the weather makers and red and darker indicate stormy areas. Often rough weather originates in the Gulf or comes across the continent from the western regions.When the cold and warm air masses meet is what creates more severe weather conditions and are responsible for storms. The warmer Gulf air combines with the colder air fronts and this is what creates tornadoes.The higher cold air meets up with the lower warm air currents creating a swirling effect. Hurricanes often form off of the African coast in much warmer air currents, which combine with the higher cold masses and create severe storms responsible for much death and destruction when it reaches the Gulf. or Eastern coastline areas of the U.S. The infrared or IR satellite coverage helps meteorologist predict with greater accuracy, the upcoming weather makers in our country of the U.S., and regions around the globe. The satellites work by measuring infrared radiation that is emitted and this is converted to temperature values that scientists are able to use in determining cloud formations in the low and high regions.The colder the cloud formations the color changes from yellow, to red and purple. The major problem, which is seen at night, is that low cloud and fog are almost impossible to spot on the infrared satellite images, because they blend with the ground temperatures. Day time, or visible satellite images, as seen through telescopic means, can only be viewed when sunlight aids in the process. Heat, or high and low temperatures,plays a major role in how the satellite imaging works.