How driven are you?

  1. Ana Teixeira profile image82
    Ana Teixeiraposted 5 years ago

    How driven are you?

    When you set your mind to something... to you always get it done? Do you go to extremes to get it done? -or are you more relaxed about it, altough it might be an objective?

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    Vrijdag Pagesposted 5 years ago

    When I have a task at hand, I HAVE TO achieve it before I can move on. Perhaps, it is some form of OCD, but I cannot relax unless it has been complete and I'm happy with it. I see it in my writing, either on here, or elsewhere, where I might think something is perfect and then take another look at it and think "god damn, I could add this" or "why did I ass that, it just makes a hash of the piece". So, I'm driven to achieve one thing at time, and as they say, a man can only handle one task at a time.

  3. alifeofdesign profile image92
    alifeofdesignposted 5 years ago

    Perhaps a bit too driven. Once I have a goal in mind, I set my sight on it and work toward achieving it tirelessly. I think that everyone should have goals that they are passionate about. I think to be so driven, you must want to reach that goal badly, for whatever reason.