Online vs on-campus classes?

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  1. AM Hanson profile image79
    AM Hansonposted 7 years ago

    Online vs on-campus classes?

    I was listening to an NPR program this morning, and they were discussing views on whether online classes or on-campus classes are more beneficial.  However, whenever a caller asked a question, the "experts" who were promoting one view or the other never really answered the questions.  So I was wondering what people without previous interests thought?

  2. lburmaster profile image83
    lburmasterposted 7 years ago

    It really depends on the student and the teacher. Some teachers are fantastic about putting everything that the student needs online. Links, reference books, calender formats with due dates on them, lesson after lesson, slide shows, etc. Then there are the horrible teachers I dispise that only put what the student needs to know online. I just want to yell at them, "Idiot, I'm here because I want to learn now will you give me something interesting that tells me you actually like your job instead of forced by the college to give an online class."
    Then it depends on the students. Some are not cut out to study and learn on their own. For example, most students need an actual teacher there to help them understand math or english main points. Or they need to be forced to go online and actually study for a class they don't have to physically go to. Homeschoolers are great at online schools because they are used to it. Public schoolers have a bigger transformation to get used to.
    One bad point is that sometimes you forget the class exists because you don't have to go anywhere. If you do take online classes, take more than one. It's less easy to forget about doing your homework at that point.

  3. joanwz profile image80
    joanwzposted 7 years ago

    When I was in college (Iwent to college late in life) I found that some classes were easier for me to take online, while others were easier if I was in the classroom. Math, at least for me, was one of those classes that I definitely needed to take in the classroom, where I could ask the teacher questions compare notes with fellow students. THe other students were quite helpful in this area.

    Also with the online classes, I could study and watch the lectures at my own pace as long as I completed the necessary material before test time. Also I could take the lectures and other materials with me and study them while say waiting at doctor's offices or anyplace else where I had to wait for something. Or even take them to a local coffeeshop or other restaurants with wifi.

  4. profile image0
    Marntzuposted 7 years ago

    personally for me its on campus. I get distracted too easily when doing online classes.

  5. Connie Smith profile image88
    Connie Smithposted 7 years ago

    I also am attending college again late in life.  I take online classes when possible due to caring for my sick granddaughter.  When I took American Government, I thought the class would be exciting and interesting so I took it at school.  The professor went by the book and didn't even mention outside political events even when covering the subject!  For instance, while covering the Bill of Rights, she didn't even bring up the Westboro Church (very much in the news at the time) or any other event that would connect the real world with the academic.  I was highly disappointed.  Many teachers, online and off, are now letting the text book publishers teach the class through their websites, using their quizzes, exams, etc., and I have not felt that I learned much in the classes that I've had that were run by the textbook publishers.  All in all, I think I've had better instructors online than off. Due to the extra three hours (that are not spent in a boring lecture class...), there are usually more and better assignments that help the student learn the material.


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