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How accurate is the portrayal of gypsies on My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding?

  1. amymarie_5 profile image85
    amymarie_5posted 6 years ago

    How accurate is the portrayal of gypsies on My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding?

    I was shocked when I watched the show but then I thought about Jersey Shore. I'm Italian and my family and Italian friends are nothing like that. Just wondering if the same crude stereotypes are being used on this show.

  2. profile image0
    Old Empresarioposted 6 years ago

    I only saw one episode, but it's pretty accurate in my experience.

  3. Shanti Perez profile image76
    Shanti Perezposted 5 years ago


    The first point is that the people known as "Gypsies" are not the same people as Travellers. Rroma (Gypsies, considered a derogatory term) originated in India and were labeled Gypsies when Europeans mistook them for Egyptians. Travellers, while an ethnic group that belongs to a DNA haplogroup distinguished from surrounding populations in the British Isles, are not Rroma and their DNA does not originate in India.

    Perhaps the people who are the subject of the "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding" television show represent "themselves only" with their wedding traditions and garish dresses, but they definitely do not represent the Rroma people. Rroma people reside in tribes and intermingled with the general populations everywhere from India, central Asia, Europe, Africa and the U.S. to south America. And different tribes have different ways of celebrating weddings.

    A traditional Rroma wedding is often informal. The bride and groom hold hands before a tribal elder and they each place a drop of their blood on a piece of bread, exchange their pieces of bread and eat the bread that contains the other's blood. Salt and bread, in some Rroma groups, symbolize the future together and so the bread is salted and then eaten to seal the marriage bond. In still other groups, no formal ceremony of any kind is necessary. The couple decides to live together and that settles it.

    If you research Rroma (Roma) and Romani on the web, I have little doubt you will find numerous instances of discontent within the Rroma community regarding this show and its portrayal of "Gypsies". It is still unfortunately true that Rroma people are romanticized by western culture in film and literature and many offensive mistakes are made, however well intentioned, that inhibit the spread of accurate information regarding the Rroma, whether referring to those of us who have integrated into surrounding cultures or who have remained in tight-knit tribes on the fringes of society.

    1. amymarie_5 profile image85
      amymarie_5posted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you Shanti. I have to admit, I had no idea that 'gypsy' was a deragatory term. Thank you for clarifying. Your description has made me interested in the Roma culture. Its sad that there are such negative ideas around their culture.