Was this a HipAA violation?

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    kilbie42posted 5 years ago

    Was this a HipAA violation?

    I am divorced with full legal and physics custody of my 2 children. My ex pays half of all medical after I submit receipts. He recently contacted my children's doctors office and obtained months of billing information including returned check and fees. I'm the only parent listed and his name has been purposely omitted so how did he get this information. I feel like my private financial information has been exposed for the world to see. I'm the one paying them and the only one who has signed the financial responsibility forms. I feel this is a violation of the HipAA law. What do you think?

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    duffsmomposted 5 years ago

    I'm no attorney, but if you are no longer married to this man, he should have no access to your information. I would check with legal counsel and at the very least I would complain to the office manager at the clinic and let them know this CANNOT happen again.

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    jnferellisposted 5 years ago

    Are you saying that the other parent got the information about the children? Generally a parent would have the right to obtain the information, regardless of whether s/he is specifically listed. So no, it would not be a HIPAA violation. Obtaining information about your medical status would be different, but from what I have read here you are talking about the children only.

    If a third party with no legal rights to the children sought the information without permission, yes, it would most likely be a HIPAA violation.

    Keep in mind, I don't know all of the details here and I am not your attorney, so you should check with a health care lawyer in your state if you have concerns. You should also check with your divorce attorney, there might have been some specific information related to your divorce that would control here. You also might consider bringing up your concerns to the doctor.