What traits do you have others can emulate and be inspired by?

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    silkwormyposted 4 years ago

    What traits do you have others can emulate and be inspired by?

    There are people I look up to because of their talents, skills, perspective, achievements, attitude, and others. So this minute I am thinking maybe it is better to ask what then can others learn from me. It is awesome to be a source of inspiration one way or another. Maybe you got yourself thinking this way, too? Just a bit of self-awareness (without bragging) this time.

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    EyesStraightAheadposted 4 years ago

    This is an interesting question that perhaps has been unanswered due to fear of seeming narcissistic but I will venture in with you!

    I believe we should all be aware of our strengths AND our weaknesses. It seems many are very aware of their weaknesses but pay little attention to what they have to offer to others. Because of a recent experience that has lasted more than a year, I have learned that I am VERY resilient. People have shared with me countless times that I inspire them because of my ability to bounce back and persevere. I am very good on the computer, know how to establish relationships with people, and believe that everyone I meet has something they can share with the world. I accept all people as they are, treat everyone the same, and believe that tomorrow is always another chance to start over I think these are all great things I can share with others.

    I applaud you in taking time to think about your strengths and what you have to offer the world. I look forward to reading about it in a hub, as that is a subject that could inspire many to begin thinking about their ability to help others also! After all, one of the key steps in "What Color is Your Parachute" or any other book about job searches and finding your purpose in life is to know what you are good at and how you can help others!

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    silkwormyposted 4 years ago

    Thank you for taking the time in answering this, EyesStraightAhead smile)  Resilience and perseverance, I admire that in a person. Thank you for being this strong not just for yourself, but for the people around you. Yes, everyone has something good to share with others, only that this potential is sometimes clouded with too much pessimism. It has something to do also with helping others realize they can be better or best at something. And I hope by answering this question, it has left you feeling good about yourself. Its a win-win, without being narcissitic.