Was the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki justified?

  1. PositronWildhawk profile image78
    PositronWildhawkposted 4 years ago

    Was the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki justified?

  2. Thief12 profile image91
    Thief12posted 4 years ago

    In competition for the most asked question in HubPages, and still one of the most controversial.

    In short, no. Under no circumstance will I ever think that they were justified. Period.

  3. lions44 profile image97
    lions44posted 4 years ago

    Yes. It saved the lives of not only thousands of American GIs, but millions, yes millions, of Japanese. We now know from recently released Japanese government documents that they were prepared to sacrifice at least 5 million civilians in the invasion. Sounds insane, but the Emperor (for what it's worth) authorized it, which was more like a rubber stamp. Think of the atrocities that would have occurred during an invasion of the Honshu and Kyushu. 

    The atomic bombs were awful weapons. The casualties were horrific. But Japan had a postwar boom because of the way the war ended. The relationship with the U.S. is one of the strongest of any ally. 

    I've heard arguments that with the Soviets pressing them, they might have given in. I doubt it.  Many people today don't see the big picture and can't put themselves into the mindset of Truman and most Americans at that time. 
    Great question.