Do you think "cyber war" might be the the next world war?

  1. KenDeanAgudo profile image83
    KenDeanAgudoposted 4 years ago

    Do you think "cyber war" might be the the next world war?

    Have you every thought about this thing? There are several dispute about sovereignty happening around the world and things might get worst. But is there a possibility of "cyber war"?

  2. tsmog profile image81
    tsmogposted 4 years ago

    Does this not already occur in a sense. Google operates in China with restrictions placed on it by the government. What they are I cannot tell you, however that was from my understanding reason for some changes that affected Google structuring a few years ago. A glance at Wiki shares much of the censorship history with Google China.

    Is not Google metaphorically at war with other search engine entities - Yahoo, Bing, and etc. I mean some nefarious entities even use tricky devices to take over an individuals browser inserting theirs with malware type language devices with additional pop-up attacks.

    Frustrating if you have not encountered that before. Trust me. It is costly to rid it if not enough very minor registry editing skills are known. Software is needed to rid it and that costs. Plus, the integrity of the software source is of question.

    Go to … statistics and read the statistics of cyber-attacks. It is daunting. What is of consequence is from a very outsider view is it is not necessarily patriotic loyalty - nation, business, or sub-cultures, at bay  . . . it is individualism and group approach. Sometimes it is simply an 'ego' of I can do this without any other motivation. Kinda' the wildwest allegory using US history.

    One may project with the eye of an osprey using an Autoethnography approach the lower socio-economic level is the computer illiterate rather than the poor of income. The less computer literacy one has the much less savy one has within the social structure with cultures and sub-cultures created or resulting from the internet. That should be considered internationally. How many clutch a smart phone almost minute by minute. 

    EX: I have never owned a cell phone or a smart phone. Oddly one is smarter socio-economically if one owns a smart phone over a cell phone. Dramatically. The capacity to text and receive emails is becoming a necessity.

    I live in San Diego County where recently there has been 11 wildfires burning over 25,000 acres and thousands were evacuated. The capacity of the texting by governmental agencies to home, property, business owner(s) and reverse phone calls definitely to cell / smart phones enabled a very high level of success with limiting loss/injury of life and property. Simply Amazing when compared to the '03 Fires here.

    Now expand that county region to state and then region of states then nation(s) and etc. Cyber ability offers possibilities? I ponder!

  3. profile image0
    sheilamyersposted 4 years ago

    I think it's highly possible. Tsmog gave a very good explanation. I'll keep my reply short by saying a country wouldn't need bombs, planes, and armies to destroy their enemies if all they need to do is hack into the enemy's computers and create havoc. I think all it would take is one person with enough computer skills and they could cause an economy to collapse.


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