Did Zionists push the us into wwi?

  1. GeorgeFittleworth profile image71
    GeorgeFittleworthposted 3 years ago

    Did Zionists push the us into wwi?

  2. Old-Empresario profile image81
    Old-Empresarioposted 3 years ago

    Our greatest historians Brooks and Henry Adams (grandsons and great-grandsons of US presidents) predicted World War I as early as the 1890s. They thought the Zionists would use the war, but not that the Zionists would get us into it. The folks who pushed the US into World War I were the intellectual class of Great Britain and the US. The UK had a brilliant secret propaganda network set up in the US that was influencing those who make our political decisions. As late as 1904, large chunks of the US population north of the Ohio River and west of the Mississippi spoke German as a first language. More than half the US population (particularly in the north) counted itself as Irish or German-immigrant heritage in 1914. The impoverished Anglo-native southern population still resented the federal government and would support no wars. The Irish Americans were staunch Anglophobes who would never support Britain in a war. German Americans did not wish to fight their homeland. The fact that Woodrow Wilson, "Col" House and company were able to maneuver the US into its first European war in spite of so much popular opposition (Wilson's 1916 re-election slogan was "he kept us out of the war!") is one of the most peculiar feats of propaganda orchestrated by America's intellectual class ever to occur. Washington politicos relied heavily on New York newspapers (not Zionist controlled), NY banks and Hollywood films to manufacture consent among the population. Even then, middle America was dragged kicking and screaming into the war. Wilson had to rely on conscription, secret police and the suppression of German culture in the US to force his authority on Americans. The whole mess was a US-Anglo conspiracy. Don't forget that Britain won control of Palestine in World War I--not the Zionists. Everyone knew Britain and France would take the Levant from the Ottoman Empire in that war.

    1. GeorgeFittleworth profile image71
      GeorgeFittleworthposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Great answer!
      However, I think you should consider the role played by Zionist Brandeis in pushing the U.S. into the war.


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