Who is terrorist???

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    neha s choudharyposted 3 years ago

    Who is terrorist???

    Today, I am sitting with my little 6 year old brother. Watching Paris terrorist attack news. He asked me sis "who is terrorist ??". I feel same when I answered his question that terrorist are human being. But after my answer I think about what I am saying. Is it terrorist human being??

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    goutammagposted 3 years ago

    In Simple words, "A person who loves to terrorize and traumatize other people and interrupt peaceful livelihood, is said to be a terrorist". It is more of a mentality.

    The addition of the term "Human being" with the word, 'terrorist'  will unnecessary degrade the true meaning of the term.
    If a terrorist enters in you house and do something wrong with your brother, then you will forget of the thinking about try associating 'terrorist' with 'human being'.