Should south carolina state university shut down?

  1. william landis profile image72
    william landisposted 2 years ago

    Should south carolina state university shut down?

    South carolina state university the only public hbcu in sc is moving closer to be closed by the state due to financial mismanagment

  2. t aaron brown profile image74
    t aaron brownposted 2 years ago

    Private (college) isn't necessarily an antonym. If a good management team takes over they could possibly offer more grants, scholarships, financing, etc. and thus be more accessible than a "public" school.

    I don't think S.C. State should shut down. However, a low 14% graduation rate and y/y enrollement decline means this institute is broken. Closing it until 2017 makes me sense that a government may table the reopening indefinitely. It would be better for the school to be bought and go private.

  3. peeples profile image94
    peeplesposted 2 years ago

    Yes it should shut down for the proposed amount of time, and get itself together It has been having ongoing issues for years. The option to not closing is taking twice as much tax payer money to attempt to "fix" the problems they have yet had the expertise to fix. I personally don't want my tax dollars going to a school that is so broken.
    On a side note maybe they should get away from trying to be a black college, and just be a college. When trying to target one group of people you lower your ability to collect money from as many people as possible.