Is changing from 'normal' to 'abnormal' heartbreaking?

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  1. Michael-Milec profile image59
    Michael-Milecposted 3 years ago

    Is changing from 'normal' to 'abnormal' heartbreaking?

  2. beckysue33 profile image61
    beckysue33posted 3 years ago

    sometimes u have to adjust to change. it is okay to be abnormal sometimes because we all are abnormal in our own way. some more than others.

    1. Michael-Milec profile image59
      Michael-Milecposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Very much so. When adjusting is inevitable, abnormal is accepted as next normal (with some  measure of pain) on our earthly journey.

    2. Kiss andTales profile image76
      Kiss andTalesposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      I so agree that we have to learn to deal with change, like in school we had to adjust to stages of growth , new students, we never stop growing , but Adults still mentally grow to stages of Adult Maturity, wisdom is continuing mental growth.

    3. Michael-Milec profile image59
      Michael-Milecposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Yes, Kiss and Tales how that 'transition' affects us while  leaving formerly  'normal' stage  suddenly we face " abnormal" becoming part of our  new 'normal'?!

  3. Sparklea profile image71
    Sparkleaposted 3 years ago

    Michael-Milec:  I personally believe it depends on the severity of the situation, the person involved, as well as the family and friends involved.  This is an excellent, but heavy, question.

    "The new normal" is a phrase I never heard of until I read a true story about a pastor that had a horrific automobile accident, but lived to tell his story.  He is still living, but a totally new life.  Of course his faith in God played a big part in his adjustment.  However, it took one of his friends telling him off, to turn him around.  The friend told him how awful he was behaving by refusing to let anyone help him.  I admired his bravery for even admitting that to the reader.  He ended up writing a book about his experience.  I will try to track it down.  He is using this circumstance to encourage readers, instead of feeling sorry for himself.

    Another example that is not so great:  In 1988 my ex husband was involved in an automobile accident.  Our son and daughter were young adults at the time.  He was very obstinate and stubborn, always refused to wear his seat belt.  The driver who hit him (he pulled out in front of her) had her seat belt on and left the emergency room.  He was unconscious three months, had to wear the metal halo, had fractured ribs, a fractured skull.  His personality changed...bad temper, treated his mother horrible.  He went on total disability, his second wife left him, he alienated his children, drank and did lotto scratch offs in his dumpy apartment.  (He was formerly president of a bank, but got fired for embezzling money).  He is now in a wheelchair in a nursing home with few friends, and the twin sons he had with his second wife.  He never adjusted to the new normal.  To this day my heart aches for him and I have deep compassion...That being said, this truly is a heartbreaking story. 

    These are two examples of changes from normal to abnormal with entirely different results. 

    God bless and thank you for this profound question.  Sparklea

    1. Michael-Milec profile image59
      Michael-Milecposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Sparklea, stories suggest unavoidable  adjusting into new normal with determination to suffer anguishing discomfort (pain?) keeping one only perspective, " I will succeed ." I would suggest a strong dependency on close walk in the will of God.

    2. Sparklea profile image71
      Sparkleaposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      yes!  These two examples show that one kept a positive perspective and a strong dependency on God; the other has no interest in God.  I will always be very sad the choices my ex-husband has made.  Long story.  Thank you for your comment, God bless

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