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What are the ways that American society has become more immature, even adolescen

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    gmwilliamsposted 2 years ago

    What are the ways that American society has become more immature, even adolescent in behavior?


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    dashingscorpioposted 2 years ago


    I think it's mix bag. In many instances it starts with the "baby boomers" who vowed to "never get old".
    Unlike previous generations who embraced getting older and relaxing many "baby boomers" strive to look and (act) young. Some have been known to go out clubbing with their adult children.
    This was also the first generation that insisted children call them by their (first name) as opposed to Mr. or Ms. That made them feel old.
    Baby boomers were the "protest generation", the hippies, the counter drug culture, "free love" whose motto: "If it feels good do it!" This was also the generation that made efforts to be the opposite of their parents! They wanted to be "friends" to their children more than being "authoritative".
    Older women today wearing bikinis, mini dresses, and investing money on various surgical procedures to appear younger. More men are getting hair plugs, eyebrow lifts, and trying get a 6 pack  in their 40s and 50s. Older generations seek to compete with young people.
    Mick Jagger is 72 and is still playing rock & roll music and touring. When I was a kid it was unimaginable to think of a shirtless 72 year old man in skintight leather pants singing and prancing on the stage.
    The line between older and younger generations has gradually faded.
    Looking and feeling young means being open to doing immature things. Conforming has always been seen as being a "fuddy duddy"
    Today we have Jennifer Lopez at age (46) who recently had a hit called "Booty" with Iggy Azalea  and even Madonna at age (57) still attempt to use sex appeal to draw an audience.
    Our insistence of "staying young forever" oftentimes leads us to displaying immature an adolescent behavior from time to time.
    There's one caveat though. We're much more "politically correct" today when it comes to using words and phrases for descriptions.

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      gmwilliamsposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Looking good & maintaining one's youth ISN;T equated with immature, even adolescent behavior. IT'S  equated wpride in one's appearance.Being old isn't equated to going to seed. One can be youthful w/o being immature,look at Vanessa Williams..

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      dashingscorpioposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      There's nothing wrong with looking young!smile
      My main statements had to do with behavior changes of one generation versus previous ones. Parents getting high and partying with their kids. Sometimes "acting young" looks like immature behavior.

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    gmwilliamsposted 2 years ago


    American society is becoming overly, even extremely sensitive. Many Americans make it their duty, even their right to become offended.   As an result of such offensive behavior, others have to walk on eggshells around such people.  If one is straightforward and tell it like it is, prepare for the hurt feelings and sometimes litigious attitude.  People are being sued for the most minute thing nowadays because someone is believe to have his/her reputation  "damaged and hurt".   America has become a nation of crybabies who take umbrage when someone says something that they don't like.  Well, this is the real world, there is always someone who won't and/or don't say everything we like.  To accept such is being called mature and a grown up. 

    Young people and others it seems don't seem to possess the necessary life and survival skills.  They seem to crumble at the first hint of adversity.  They believe that life and situations surrounding it should be smooth sailing all the away.  They cannot seem to make independent decisions and handling things on their own.   Independence and lack of positive/intelligent judgment skills are becoming more rampant.  There seems to be a lot of hand holding and excessive coddling of our young people to the point of infantilizing them.  It is not unusual these days for late adolescents, even young adults in their 20s to act like prepubescent, even younger children instead of the adults that they are.

    Also there is the entitlement mentality.  When is anyone entitled to anything, really.  Many people expect the goods and the adulations with little, even no effort on their part.  Proverbially, they want to go to heaven without dying.  It seems to be the era of easy and/or overnight success.  Well, there is NO such thing as easy nor overnight success.  Furthermore when things go tough, many give up, asserting that success was not meant for them but for those who are "lucky." In essence, they WANT it but WON'T WORK for it!

    Then there is the "self-esteem" movement telling children no matter what they do, they WIN.  Now, how ridiculous is THAT. Children need rewards and sometimes penalties to teach them the life lessons of achievement, failure, and success.  In essence, they get a trophy no matter how good or poor they did. Well, many receive a rude awakening as they enter the work and real world where not everyone is going to get that trophy, hmmmm.