What are the 9 main things that separate Baby Boomers (1943- 1960) from the 13th

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    gmwilliamsposted 2 years ago

    What are the 9 main things that separate Baby Boomers (1943- 1960) from the 13th Generation or

    Generation X (1961-1982)?  What do Baby Boomers possess that the 13th Generation/Generation X do not possess and vice versa?  Give analytical answers please.


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    Old-Empresarioposted 2 years ago

    1. Boomers have a perspective of life before women's lib. Boomer women in the business world are serious and fit in well. Gen X women took women's lib for granted and so, instead of fitting in in what is still a man's world of business, they try to fit into some phony ideal of a strong, independent and (yet) sexy woman that they saw on TV. It doesn't work and so women are often marginalized in business.
    2. Boomers have a perspective of life before the civil rights movement.
    3. To Boomers, cable TV, VCRs, video games and computers were wonderful new things. Gen Xers grew up with them.
    4. To Gen Xers, cell phones, DVDs and the internet were wonderful new things. Millennials grew up with them.
    5. Boomers lived through assassinations, LBJ/Vietnam, Nixon/Watergate and so they have a "don't trust 'em, but they are what they are and he seems ok" view of politicians. Gen Xers had Reagan or Clinton to idolize and so they tend to be party-affiliated as Republicans or Democrats.
    6. Boomer men had to worry about military conscription. The generation lost its innocence in the Vietnam War. Gen Xers never had to worry about going to war unless they wanted to go. And those who did go to Iraq and Afghanistan were conditioned with violence in film and TV and so had some idea of what to expect.
    7. Boomers saw an economic crash in the 1970s which marked the beginning of the end of the blue collar middle class. The boomers panicked to ensure their children would go to college to get a good and "safe" white-collar job. This had the side-effect of making Gen Xers money-crazy, social-status crazy and overly career oriented.
    8. Boomers worried about nuclear war. Gen Xers worried about poverty and recession.
    9. Boomers wanted to get away from their parents' formality in style and manners. Gen Xers wanted to bring it back. But they didn't know how and so manners and style are all wrong today.

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      You're right in your synopsis.  I am a Baby Boomer and the1960s were the fondest times of my life.  The 1970s were a time of unemployment.  I remember graduating from college & found it difficult to get a commensurate job,