What is the Difference Between Screen and Display?

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    What is the Difference Between Screen and Display?

    I was reading about touchscreen technology. I read that, the Capacitive touchscreen has sharper display than the Resistive touchscreen. Are the words screen and display interchangeable? Or Is there a difference between these two words? The specifications of the screen of a Tv or smartphone are usually given as LED display, ALMOND display or LCD display, etc. Is display just a type of the screen? I am confused!

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    I always think of a screen as being the actual physical dimensions.
    The display is the layout, size, or appearance of something being illustrated on your screen. One has the option to change the display appearances of their laptop but not the ability to change their actual physical screen size from say 15" to 17". You'd buy it that way.
    A 55" screen TV remains the same size even if one chooses to watch a movie in "Widescreen" mode where the movie in surrounded by a black border, people may say: "My screen is smaller but what they really mean is their display on the TV screen is smaller."
    A Youtube video watched in "full screen" mode just allows the video display to fill up the whole size of your screen.

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