What are the TEN MOST INTELLIGENT reasons that being socioeconomically wealthy,

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    gmwilliamsposted 2 years ago

    What are the TEN MOST INTELLIGENT reasons that being socioeconomically wealthy, even super-wealthy

    is HIGHLY CONDUCIVE to one, one's family, & one's descendants; in terms of physical, emotional, mental, psychological, & even psychic well-being; & in lifestyle & life choices? Give analytical answers please.  Any answer deriding socioeconomic wealth will be DELETED.


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    Express10posted 2 years ago

    I think of wealth as a positive thing but find it draining to encounter people who have the proverbial sour grapes attitude towards it. Money is a tool and resource that can do so much for it's owners in many ways.

    One reason that wealth is conducive to one's life is that with wealth, one can afford good or the absolute best in healthcare, improving and maintaining their health and quality of life. Whereas the working poor and even middle class may find themselves battling a serious or even terminal disease and HAVING to still work, the wealthy can fully rest and have a better chance at improving their health and quality of life whether it be for the short or long term.

    Another reason that wealth is highly beneficial is that the wealthy have freedom of time. They do not have to trade their time for money as they are likely in a position that money earns money for them or they have people who are earning money for them no matter what they are doing, even if they aren't working. What the wealthy can do with their time is up to them, whether it be philanthropy, entrepreneurial endeavors, education, travel, family time, or any combination of these and other items.

    Having true wealth ends all the stress that comes with not having enough money for basic needs, education, etc. Many wealthy people have security knowing that their needs AND wants are taken care of for many years if not in excess of their lifetime and will provide security and all these same benefits for their heirs.

    The wealthy are able to choose their lifestyle, such as having nannies to allow themselves proper rest at night (which many people somehow seem the angrily envy) and some time for themselves during the day whenever desired. Or perhaps, they want to spend their time traveling the world and learning about different cultures, earning advanced degrees, giving to charity or just plain doing nothing because they can.

    I see nothing wrong with any of the above and other positive wealthy lifestyle choices as long as one is not harming themselves or anyone else. I do find it hypocritical that so many who are not wealthy have many objections to others simply because they are wealthy because many of these same people want more money, if not true wealth yet cannot bring themselves to admit it.

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      GREAT ANSWER,you are correct in your premise that there are SO MANY HATERS out there.Of course such people WANT WEALTH & since they DON'T have IT,actually hate THEMSELVES but instead of taking responsibility,use DISPLACEMENT MECHANISM re: the ric